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Sharon C. Walker

Owner | Licensed Therapist |
Clinical Supervisor | EMDR Trained

Sharon Walker is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Board Certification Counselor in the state of Virginia. She is a graduate of Virginia State University and Regent University. Mrs. Walker has over 20 years of counseling in education. Mrs. Walker has worked as a Crisis Counselor and Intensive In-home Counselor, she helped her clients understand their feelings, identify issues, and learn new skills and coping strategies. Let her help you overcome challenges, events or obstacles that have affected your mental well-being. We can work together on creating healthy coping strategies and create a safe place to work out solutions for ourselves. Remember you don’t have to have severe symptoms to see a counselor, several people seek therapy at Seashore Counseling Center because they feel a benefit from talking about their issues/concerns with a compassionate and non-judgmental counselor. Improvement may not happen overnight, but you should see changes, even if it’s just a better understanding of your feelings and thoughts. Feel free to reach out today!